Globe valve and ball valve

At present, there are various types of ball valves and globe valves on the market for different environmental applications, so how do we evaluate and prove the selection of the correct ball valve to achieve the best application effect? In the following article, Ronnie Shidun discusses the advantages of ball valves and globe valves with everyone.

1. The main difference between the two valves
As we all know, the main difference between the globe valve and the ball valve is the closing method. Globe valves are usually used for throttling, but ball valves use a ball to close the flow. The stop valve is good for adjusting the flow, while the ball valve has excellent performance and can control the flow without any pressure drop.
A ball valve has a stem and a horizontally rotating ball, and is often referred to as a “rotating” valve. However, the globe valve has a valve stem and a valve core, and the valve stem and the valve core adopt a linear stroke, and the stop valve where it is located is also called a “stroke” valve.

2. The basic characteristics of the two valves
Ball valve:
1) The fluid blockage of the ball valve is small, and the operating sound is low;
2) This kind of valve has simple structure, unlimited installation, relatively small size, light weight, and low maintenance requirements.
3) The medium of the ball valve diverges and flows without any vibration;
4) The processing precision of the ball valve is high, and the cost is high;
5), can not throttle.

Shut-off valve:
1). This kind of valve has simple structure and low processing and maintenance requirements.
2) The shut-off valve can be opened and closed in a short time under short-term operation;
3) The sealing performance is good, the friction in the sealing surface is small, and it can be used for a long time.
4) The fluid blockage of this kind of valve is very large, and a large force will be generated during the opening and closing process.
5) The stop valve is not suitable for controlling fluids with viscous particles.

3. How to make a better choice between ball valve and globe valve?
The ball valve is durable and has good performance after many cycles; it is reliable and can be safely closed even if it is abused for a long time. Compared with gate valves and globe valves, these features help ball valves become an important choice for shut-off applications. On the other hand, ball valves lack fine control in throttling applications provided by globe valves.


Post time: Jul-03-2021